Wildlife Tours (and fieldtrips) cover all aspects of flora and fauna, in a given habitat and Ecological Experiences offers customised itineraries, based on your personal preferences and experience for instance: General Wildlife, Birdwatching, Dragonflies, Butterflies, Habitats.


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Don't forget, whatever your interest, tours are customized to your requirements; what you want to see and what time you have available.  Its all about you having a good Wildlife Experience!

If there is any more information you require please contact me via the website.

Wildlife Tours in Norfolk

Long-tailed Ducks (10) Bewick's Swans-Catfield (5)

With resident Cranes, Bittern, Marsh Harrier, Water Rail and Bearded Reedling, Norfolk is a great place for wildlife.  Swallowtails are only found in this region and it is a stronghold for Norfolk Hawker dragonfly, plus some other very rare insects, such as the Fen Mason Wasp (presumed to be extinct in the UK until 1986) and Jumping Spider Marpissa radiata.

Wildlife Tours and Fieldtrips are available all the year-round and are customized to suit all abilities.  A wide range of Wildlife/Ecology is catered for and includes birds, mammals, reptiles, amphibians, an array of insect  genera, including the favourite Butterfly and Dragonfly groups, plants and much more besides.  

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Swallowtail                                  Norfolk Hawker                          Marpissa radiata                         Fen Mason Wasp                           Fen mason chimneys

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Long-tailed Ducks

Bewick's Swans

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Just so much to discover!

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Species ecology

Habitat association 

How to get that special shot

Understanding behaviour

Flight shots

Fieldcraft (how to approach a subject)

Setting up photographic opportunities

wildlife tours (10) wildlife 2 (7) wildlife 2 (8) Bearded Reedling wildlife 2 (9)

          Common Crane                             Bittern                               Marsh Harrier                                 Water Rail                            Bearded Reedling

Booking details & Prices


To book a Wildlife tour/fieldtrip contact me via the website when a designated meeting place will be arranged.   Whatever your requirements, please don't hesitate to get in contact.


Please note: Entry fees to reserves are not included in the price and you are advised to choose suitable footwear and attire for the particular environment and the weather conditions that might be encountered!  You will also need to bring with you any food and drinks  you might require required.