Why choose Ecological Experiences for your Photography tuition?


  • Professionally taught (PGCE) catering for individual requirements

  • Wide range of experience in photographing and identifying  all aspects of flora and fauna

  • Experience in setting up photographic opportunities eg design and manufacture of bird hides

  • Ecological qualifications (BSc, Hons) with an emphasis on Behavioural Ecology

  • An instructive and enjoyable ecological experience 

Booking and Prices


Ecological Photography Days start at £70 per person  based on a seven hour day, with up to 6 places available.

One-to-One photography starts at £120 based on a six hour day.


Please book in advance, when a meeting place will be arranged.  Payment is on the day but vouchers for presents etc are available on request.


Times can be made to suit individual requirements, or itinerary duration can be shortened or lengthened.


There are discounts for small group bookings or larger parties eg Wildlife Clubs, which can be catered for if required.


All Photography days are customised to your requirements, so please contact me if what you require is not covered here, with respect to subject matter, duration of booking, or price.


Please note: Entry fees to reserves are not included in the price and you are advised to choose suitable footwear and attire for the particular environment and the weather conditions that might be encountered!  You will also need to bring with you a packed lunch and drinks  if required.




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All customised Ecological Photography activities are arranged at locations, which will give you the optimum chance of photographing your desired subject matter.

There are a range of options available to you and include:

Ecological Photography days are customised for beginners and the more experienced and for whatever  range of equipment you have.  The tuition is very much about getting the best out of what equipment you have and the knowledge you already posess.  Beginners will be given guidance and help to understand the basics of a DSLR camera eg Shutter speed, f-stop and ISO.

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However, ultimately judge for yourself:  If you like what you see on the Ecological Experiences website and if the photographs are what you would like to take, then please get in touch.

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Wildlife Photography in Norfolk

Bespoke Wildlife Photography Days in Norfolk (One-to-one and small groups of up to 6 people)

Birds (Behaviour, Flight-photography)


Mammals (as for birds, but subject matter is limited to availability)


Insects (Butterflies, Dragonflies etc)




Habitats (photographing any flora or fauna in a particular area)


Macro Photography (Mini beast safari)