Wildlife Garden Diary 2019

June 2019

The month began well (1st) with further visits to the garden by the duck Mallard (Lucy two-two) and the ducklings.  However, there were now only 7 ducklings; very disappointing, but not totally unexpected.

The duck family spent quite a period of time in the garden during the morning and again in the late afternoon, feeding on the bird food, drinking from the bird baths and in the case of the ducklings, swimming in both the large bird bath and also in the small bird bath, mounted on a log.  In the afternoon Lucy was brooding the ducklings and on occasions obviously felt relatively safe enough in the garden to rest and close her eyes with her head resting on her back.

Eventually though she led the ducklings out of the garden and again I couldn’t help being concerned for their safety with so many cats in the area, allowed to roam wherever they like by their irresponsible owners, who either have no concern or are unaware of the toll on wildlife by domestic and feral cats.

A female Osmia leaiana Orange-vented Mason Bee was in the garden, mainly attracted to the Geum flowers and in hindsight may have been present a few days earlier, but being on ‘guard duty’ for the duck family and protecting them from unwanted drake attention may well have distracted me somewhat!

ducks 2 1st June ducks 1 1st June ducks 3 1st June Bee 1st June

Orange-vented Mason Bee

Mallard Family

The duck family once again returned to the garden (2nd), where they spent several hours during the afternoon and thankfully there were still 7 ducklings!