Photo Diary 9

June 4th -

Moments from Martham......


A White-tailed Bumblebee Bombus lucorum was new for the garden (actually in the garden) at Martham (4th), as was a teneral Blue-tailed Damselfly, which settled briefly by the bird’s water dish before flying off.  Unfortunately, two of the Blue Tit nestlings, from the nestbox in the garden were found drowned.


The rest of the Blue-Tits from the garden nestbox fledged successfully (5th) around 06.00, although fears for their safety from predators, particularly the ones still in the grass were finally relaxed when they all seemed to find cover and dispersed.


A queen Hornet was once again present in the garden (6th) with a quick look at the suitability for a nest in the decayed facia before flying off over the roof.  Red Mason Bees continue to nest in the ‘bee hotel’ and the first Patchwork Leafcutter Bee Megachile centuncularis visiting the pink flowers of a an Oxalis, a plant inherited in the garden.  The hoverfly commonly known as ‘the footballer’ Helophilus pendulus was seen on a ‘railway daisy’.


A teneral Black-tailed Skimmer alighted on one of the paving stones in the garden, all too briefly (7th), whilst it was good to see House Martins nesting on the side of one of the buildings in the Close.

Martham June (1) Martham June (2) Martham June (3) Martham June (8) Martham June (9) Martham June (6)

One of the almost semi-residunt Mallard in the garden (Lucy 2!)

Blue Tit fledgling                                                                           Collared Dove

Patchwork Leafcutter                                                                                                                    Helophilus pendulus