Photo Diary 9

August 24th - 25th

August 24th continued.....

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Common Groundhopper          Epeolus variegatus                                                                Eriothrix rufomaculata

Filby 'Insect Safari'.....


Another ‘insect safari’ at Filby-Ormesby Little Broad (25th) found a variety of insects, with a pair of mating Golden-haired Robberflies Choerades marginatus and Bronze Shieldbugs Troilus lurides (personal first) being some of the highlights.

Several Common Green Shieldbugs and immature Dock Bugs were also seen, as was a Miridae Plant Bug Pantilius tunicatus.

Colyoptera species included a Common Sexton Beetle Nicrophorus vespilloides and several Oulema Cereal Beetles O. Rufocyanea/melanopus.

A Harvestman Opilio canestrinii had arachnid passengers on board, some red ticks, a female Megachile ligniseca (Wood-carving Leafcutter Bee) and a Tachinid Tachina fera were all worthy of note, whilst two wasp species and two spider species are yet to be identified.

Speckled Woods were all along the path, with at least 10 counted and both male and female Brimstone (nectaring on Bindweed), Small and Green-veined White, Red Admiral, Peacock and Comma were all seen, albeit in very small numbers.

Whilst several Migrant Hawkers were seen, only one Brown Hawker represented the Anisoptera and Willow Emeralds (several pairs in tandem), Common Blue and Blue-tailed Damselflies were the only Zygoptera seen.

A Garden Warbler was still singing and a young Reed Warbler was trying to get to grips with its song.  A Great Spotted Woodpecker was heard calling and tapping on the tree bark and a Sparrowhawk and Common Buzzard were also seen.

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Willow Emerald Damselfly

Common Green Shieldbug

Pantilius tunicatus                Golden-haired Robberflies

Wood-carving Leafcutter                                                                                           Harvestman O. canestrinii

Slender Groundhopper in different morphs