Photo Diary 8

Three Common Buzzards were seen on the way to the Brecks with Jason Nichols (14th), before arriving at Cockley Cley.

No sign of any Goshawks at the ‘secret’ site (which the world and his mother know about!) so on to Lynford Arboretum seeing 2 Red Kites en-route at Ickborough.

Bramblings were once again seen at the feeding area, from ‘the gate’, with at least 20 joining the Chaffinches, Marsh and Coal Tits and Nuthatch, which once again were very vocal.

At least 5 Hawfinch were seen feeding on the ground and perched in the trees, but very difficult to pick out when they fly up into a tree!

A stop on the bridge to take a few photos of the birds visiting the area for seed put out by the ‘wildlife photographers’, with some interesting ways of trying to get a photo, which would look ‘natural’, by placing various pieces of tree on the concrete posts and walls.  Not quite right!

A Treecreeper was good to see here along with Nuthatch, Dunnock, Robin, Siskin, Reed Bunting and Long-tailed, Marsh, Coal, Great and Blue Tits.

Another stop-off at the ‘gate’ on the return to the car park saw 2 Yellowhammers on the ground with the Bramblings and Chaffinches.

With the sunny weather attracting quite a few people to the various sites in the Brecks, our usual visit to the Little Ouse at Santon Downham was thought best to be avoided!  So, we returned to Cockley Cley where we were finally rewarded with a sighting of a Goshawk.  A Mistle Thrush and several Linnets and Skylarks singing were of note as was the first Bumblebee queen of the year.  Probably a Bombus terrestris but the bumble were on a mission to find a new nest site and didn’t exactly pause for further scrutiny.

Today’s diary entry is dedicated to my friend Benji, who very sadly passed away on this day 3 years ago.  He is sorely missed, so much so that I cannot dwell in that memory for too long, still, despite the time period from whence it happened.

February 14th -

Lynford Goshawk

L-R Clockwise: Marsh Tit, Treecreeper, Chaffinch, Siskin, Marsh Tit Brambling