Photo Diary 7

October 20th - 23rd

Photo Diary 8

Signs of a Hedgehog?


Pink-footed Geese continued to pass overhead at Martham (20th) and a queen Hornet visited the garden.

A Hedgehog box had been installed in the garden the previous day and the food put out for it had gone.  Although this was not conclusive proof that the garden had had a visit from this declining mammal, a dropping found later in the afternoon was!

Hedgehog in the garden......


A Peacock was seen outside the Martham garden (21st) and that evening a Hedgehog was seen drinking from one of the water bowls in the garden and consuming the food put out for it, awesome!

DSC_1457 DSC_1452 2 (2) DSC_1449 2 (1)

Hedgehog with newly installed box in the background

A Dear Day......


The highlight of the day out (23rd) with Jason Nichols was at Holkham Park, where Fallow Deer were rutting.

The sounds (clashing of antlers and bellowing of the stags) and smell of these deer, which were all around us was almost primeval and certainly a privilege to be there and watch these mammal’s behaviour.

A Little Grebe was seen on the dyke, next to the Salthouse duck pond (personally, not seen here before) and further along the road ‘Meadow Lane’ was accidently found by the presence of parked cars and people with scopes; the location of a species of Stonechat.

The stonechat here was being suggested to be a ‘Stejneger’s Stonechat’, but was apparently awaiting DNA confirmation, from a dropping collected from this particular individual stonechat, as its identity (morphologically) could not be determined ‘in the field!!

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