Photo Diary 7

May 24th - 27th

May 24th continued......

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Common Malachite Beetle  Hickling's workforce  Four-spotted Chaser  Azure Damselfly  Red and Black Froghopper


First Norfolk Hawkers at Filby......


A visit to Filby (27th) included overcast conditions, showers and bright spells, so although difficult to locate insects at times the visit was more than worthwhile.

Blue-tailed Damselflies were quite numerous with many forms of immature females, whilst small numbers of Variable and single Azure and Red-eyed Damselflies were also seen.  However, as in 2018 around this time Tetragnatha spiders (possibly T. montana) were also abundant and there were quite a few damselfly casualties.

After waiting for a shower to pass over, another walk along the path to Ormesby Little Broad, at last found some Norfolk Hawkers, with two lots of two perching within a short distance of each other.

A Green Nettle Weevil Phyllobius pomaceus, the fly Tachina fera and both hoverflies Volucella pellucens (Great Pied Hoverfly) and Myathropa florea (aka ‘Batman’) were also of interest.

Several Common Terns and Great Crested Grebes were on the broad and what appeared to be a pair of Bullfinches with a juvenile, constantly flying back and forth across the path, to the trees either side were good to see.

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'Batman' Hoverfly                                                                                                         Blue-tailed Damselflies

Blue-tailed Damselflies                               Red-eyed Damselfly                                  Green Nettle Weevil                                  Tetragnatha with Blue tail Damsel

Great Pied Hoverfly                                                                     Tetragnatha sp.                                              Tachinia fera