9th June (5)
9th June (2)
9th June (3)
9th June (6)
9th June (1)

Norfolk Hawker in the garden (again).....

The second Norfolk Hawker of the year in the garden at Burgh Castle was seen today (11th), where it spent a considerable time perched in a Cotoneaster. The Wood Mouse was seen again briefly, under the feeding station.

11th June (2)
11th June (3)
11th June (1)
11th June (4)

Norfolk Hawker

Horse paddocks and a nationally scarce moth.....

The first of two visits (13th) to the horse paddocks at Burgh Castle found a very interesting array of species.
Meadow Brown and Small Tortoiseshell were nectaring, on the mass of Bramble flowers, whilst Red-shanked Carder and White-tailed Bumblebees were also collecting the pollen, showing up as a grey-white colour when collected in their pollen sacs.
Swollen-thighed Beetles, Dock Bugs, one 7-spot Ladybird amongst the commoner Harlequins were all found in the vegetation, whilst a small Andrena species and what looked to be a species of Sawfly (with several pairs mating) await identification, if possible!
A Marsh Snipefly Rhagio tringarius and immature Dark Bush Crickets and a Short-winged Conehead were seen, whilst a beetle near the stream took some identifying later, but was finally identified as a Welsh Chafer Hoplia philanthus.
A Black and yellow Longhorn Beetle Rupela maculata was the first of the year and four species of snails were found: Kentish, Amber, Garden and White-lipped.
Nice to see here, was a Bank Vole on a low wall in amongst the brambles, which allowed a close enough approach (via the horse muck pile!) to obtain a few images with the only lens to hand, the macro, although hardly macro-type photos.
A small moth (spotted by Sally Clarke) was recognised as one of the Longhorn moths, but a little research was required later to pinpoint its identity.
After a look through the various Adelidae species, the longhorn was found to be a Nemophora fasciella or Horehound Longhorn, a nationally scarce species and a record has been sent to Norfolk Moths, although it is likely that Suffolk will claim it! Still whatever the case concerning borders (old and new!) a good find and a very striking and attractive little moth.

13th June (3)
13th June (11)
13th June (5)

Dock Bug Scorpion Fly sp.

13th June (12)
13th June (4)
13th June (2)

Red-shanked Carder Bumblebee (worker)
& Swollen-thighed Beetle (male) Red-shanked Carder (male) Swollen-thighed Beetle (female)

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