Photo Diary 6

February 1st - 2nd

Ibis in the park......


Into Suffolk today (1st) with Jason Nichols, beginning at Hazlewood Common, but there was no sign of any redpolls, let alone a Coue’s Arctic!

There were similar results at Eastbridge, where there was no sign of the Glossy Ibis, which had been present for several days on the flooded areas beside the road, but not there now!

The hat-trick of negative events appeared to be continuing, when a walk across Dunwich Heath was decidedly quiet, but eventually one Dartford Warbler was heard singing and then seen for a brief spell.

11 Bewick’s Swans were on a field at Westleton; before news came through that a Glossy Ibis was at Bure Park, Great Yarmouth!  

With the weather becoming increasingly overcast, it was clear that the ibis was not going to be seen in its full glory, but the journey back nearer to ‘home’ did find the ibis still present, feeding on Earthworms from the flooded fields at Bure Park.

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Ibis in the park II......


A return to Bure Park (2nd) found the Glossy Ibis still present at Bure Park, in slightly better light, where it was finding plenty of food, which was predominantly Earthworms.

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Dartford Warbler

Bewick's Swans

Glossy Ibis

Glossy Ibis