Photo Diary 6

July 19th - 26th

July 19th continued......

19th July Spoonbill 2 19th July Little Egrets

Spoonbills.  More on the Spoonbill Gallery

Chalkhill Blues at Warham Camp......


A visit to Warham Camp (26th) with Jason Nichols found a good number of Chalkhill Blues on the wing, with mainly males seen, although a few females actually seen and others probably low in the undergrowth.  Apart from the Chalkhill Blues and Gatekeepers, other species of butterflies were scarce, but Essex and Small Skippers, Holly Blue and Meadow Brown were seen.

As usual here the plants adapted to this terrain included Dwarf and Carline Thistles, Harebells and Small Scabious, with two Burnet species favouring the latter.

Several Field Grasshoppers were seen and a Patchwork Leafcutter Bee found Dwarf Thistle very much to its requirements.

On to Holt Country Park, where the effect of the hot weather and shortage of precipitation was very evident.  Trees were shedding their leaves, in order to conserve water for the most vital functions and Stinging Nettles were suffering with a lack of vacuole turgidity in their cells, resulting with drooping leaves.

Several Silver-washed Fritillaries were seen along with a single White Admiral, but again, butterflies were not in high numbers.  

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Chalkhill Blue

Carline Thistle                                                               Small Scabious                                      Harebell                                                   Dwarf Thistle