Photo Diary 6

December 2nd -

Return of the hedge pig......


After an absence of sightings, for some time, at 19.45 (2nd), a Hedgehog was found feeding in the Martham garden.  Making food available despite no hedgehog presence had paid off and if temperatures should drop, inducing hibernation the additional nutrition provided could help in a successful hibernation.

Geese, Cranes & a Rough-leg......


A family of Cranes (pair + juvenile) were feeding along the edge of a Maize stand in the Thurne/Ashby area (3rd) and a female Marsh Harrier flew low over the fields before landing, where it spent quite a while.  Pink-footed Geese could be seen in the distance and by relocating they could be seen much clearer.

Approximately 2000 geese were present, augmented by small skeins flying in and landing on the harvested Sugar Beet fields.  No other species of geese could be found amongst the pinks, but a very pale bird of prey perched in a tree on the edge of a small wood in the distance, behind the pinks gave cause for further scrutiny.  After some brief flight views the bird was determined to be a Rough-legged Buzzard, which occasionally flew down from its perch onto the field, but could not be seen when it done this because of the topography.

A Common Buzzard (one of two seen) came close and perched in a nearby tree briefly and a male Marsh Harrier was also seen.

What looked like a shooting party had been seen earlier and this was confirmed when gunfire was heard.  This prompted the family of three Cranes to fly off and these were followed by another 2 and then 3 more (possibly another family group) flying away from the ‘1812 overture’ going on across the fields.

A shopping trip to Stalham followed and en route more Pink-feet were seen on fields from the Stalham by-pass near Catfield.

Shopping completed, a look through the 1000+ geese found 4 Tundra Bean Geese in their midst, which had been reported from this area in the last few days.

Back at Martham, just before 20.00 a look out of the kitchen window found a Hedgehog feeding on hedgehog biscuits/nuggets, always great to see and ending a good day’s ‘animal observations’.

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Rough-legged Buzzard                                                                                                      Pink-footed Geese

Crane family

Pink-footed Geese