Photo Diary 5

January 28th

Geese & Owls at BC......


From an elevated vantage point at Marina Park, Burgh Castle a watch of Haddiscoe Island ensued in the afternoon (28th).

At least 100 Pink-footed Geese were on the ground and this number increased to over 200, during the course of the afternoon.  Another skein of geese were then seen coming in from a northerly direction.  These were Barnacle Geese, of which 28 were counted.  They did not land, but continued their journey southwards, where they were lost from sight.

A considerable amount of time elapsed before anything of note appeared, but patience was rewarded when at 16.00 a Short-eared Owl was seen hunting along the bank, south of Berney Mill.  Ten minutes later a Barn Owl flew over the reedbeds near the Fishermans PH.

There was no sign (at least from the viewing position at Burgh Castle) of the Rough-legged Buzzard, which had taken up residence in the area of Haddiscoe Island, but five different Marsh Harriers were seen, along with 3 Little Egrets, 5 Chinese Water Deer (one carrying out exaggerated twists and pounces amidst the Pink-feet!) and a skein of 500 plus Pink-footed Geese flew up from distant fields and flew northwards.