Photo Diary 4

May 9th 16th

9th May (15) 9th May (14)

May 9th continued......



A visit to my neighbour’s private property along Cess Road, Martham (11th), found a nice selection of butterflies with Orange-tips and Green-veined Whites being the most obvious.  A Peacock, Holly Blue and my first Small Copper of the year were also seen.

A pair of Blue Tits had taken up residence in the gate’s letterbox and a Common Whitethroat was singing.

11th May

Blue Tit nestsite                                                                                          Sea of Daisies Below female Orange-tip

Local delights......


A day out (16th) reasonably locally with Jason Nichols was rewarding, with several migrant birds seen, that were once ‘common’ but increasingly ‘thin on the ground’ nowadays.

A potential pair of Spotted Flycatchers was an example of what was a once regularly seen bird in spring, nesting in all sorts of receptacles and places even quite commonly in people’s gardens, where they would use the likes of hanging baskets.

The second of these birds now in decreasing numbers is the Turtle Dove and two singing males were found; pumping up their throats and uttering their cat-like purring sound, now all too rarely heard.

fly & Turtle

Spotted Flycatcher & Turtle Dove

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