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August 10th continued.....

10th Aug (3)
10th Aug (4)

Common Lizard Grey-banded Mining Bee

10th Aug (21)
10th Aug (13)
10th Aug (15)

Red-thighed Epeolus Black-horned Nomad Bee Roe Deer

10th Aug (25)
10th Aug (24)
10th Aug (22)
10th Aug (23)

Meadow Grasshopper Neoscona adianta

Wasps & Bee swarms at Weybourne, Spoonbills and Ibis at Cley.....

A brief stop at Salthouse (11th) resulted in photographing a young Meadow Pipit on the barbwire, but very little else.
At Cley, a look from the eastern hide found Black-tailed Godwits, Avocets, Dunlin, Ruff and a Common Snipe.
At Weybourne Cliffs swarms of Heather Colletes Colletes succinctus were flying around the cliff face, with approximately 5000 present. A Grey-banded Mining Bee Andrena denticulata was also found and both Epeolus species: E. variegatus and E. cruciger and Nomada fucata were also seen.
Philanthus triangulum was again present, but as before, during previous recent visits, no sign of any Honey Bee prey being taken into the nesting chambers. Other Digger Wasps present were Sand-tailed Digger Wasp Cerceris arenaria, which preys on weevils and Ornate-tailed Digger Wasp C. rybyensis which preys on small solitary bees, of which several were seen being carried around and on occasions apparently abandoned, but still alive. The bee species being predated by the wasps appear to be Furrow Bee species.
A Hummingbird Hawkmoth appeared to be caught in spider silk near the cliff face and allowed some images to be taken before it broke free and two 11-spot Ladybirds Coccinella undecimpunctata were found.
Back at Cley and from the ‘middle hides’ a Spoonbill was present and was joined later by two more. Black-tailed Godwits and Avocets provided some intraspecific-squabbling-photography and a Hobby overhead kept the waders alert.
Finally, a Glossy Ibis flew in and landed on the scrape, but then flew into the reed edge where it hunted for food, appearing every now and again, before flying off to the far end of the scrape.

11th Aug (10)
11th Aug (25)
11th Aug (7)

Meadow Pipit Philanthus triangulum

11th Aug (20)

Sand-tailed Digger Wasp

11th Aug (22)
11th Aug (24)
11th Aug (14)

Ornate-tailed Digger Wasp with bee prey

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