Photo Diary 4

July 12th - 19th

July 12th continued......

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Male Bombus lapidarius                                                                  Anasdimyia lineata                                             Eristal;is intricarius

Deraeocoris ruber                                                             Dandelion sp. seed head                                                    Ruddy Darter

Hylaeus hyalinatus

Martham Garden Wildlife......


A good day in and from the garden at Martham (16th), with Comma, Holly Blue, Large and Small White, and two new additions to the garden butterfly list; Ringlet, Gatekeeper in the garden.

A Brown Hawker was also new for the garden and the first Migrant Hawker of the year was recorded as it flew over the garden.

An adult Mediterranean Gull was seen low over the bungalow and in front of the garden as it and juvenile and adult Black-headed Gulls appeared to be in pursuit of flying ant species.  Two Hobby were then seen and House Martins and Swifts also overhead.  


A Common Tern heading S.E. carrying a fish was the first from the garden at Martham (17th).


The garden at Martham provided my first record of a Common Darter for the year (18th), whilst Comma, Large and Small White and a Meadow Brown were in the garden, with Peacock and Holly Blue seen from the garden.

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Common Darter

American visitor, spoon-feeding & jousting egrets......


The sad sight of yet another Badger road casualty was the first sighting of note along the A149 near Dilham, whilst heading along the North Norfolk coast with Jason Nichols.

3 Pochard were the highlight on the pond at Walsey Hills, before arriving at Titchwell to try and photograph a few avian species, just for a change!

A Lesser Yellowlegs had been reported from Titchwell and although not the prime reason for the visit here, it goes without saying it was looked for whilst scanning the scrape.  The hazy light made identifying waders difficult, but purely on shape and behaviour, a wader feeding in front of one of the islands looked a potential candidate for the yellowlegs, but could not be confirmed and photographs were taken for further examination later.

An adult and a juvenile Little Ringed Plover were on one of the nearer islands, whilst Avocets and Black-tailed Godwits were the most numerous waders and in fewer numbers were Ruff scattered over the scrape.

Whilst looking through the avian presence, Jason said he thought he had found the Lesser Yellowlegs and as the bird moved closer, despite the silhouetting haze it was identified as the yellowlegs and an effort to capture the bird photographically ensued, whilst also keeping an eye on the highly defensive Avocets, which with chicks chased anything off (including Mallard ducklings), even when there appeared to be no threat, in terms of species or distance from the chicks.  However, the Avocet’s behaviour is always of interest for those behavioural shots ensuing from the aggression shown to other species.

A Spoonbill flew over and both Common and Sandwich Terns were present along with several Mediterranean Gulls, with chicks begging for food and a single Bearded Reedling was also seen.

Later examination of the photos taken of the wader in front of the island was in fact the Lesser Yellowlegs.

19th July Lesser Yellowlegs

Lesser Yellowlegs

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