Photo Diary 4

August 1st - 5th

August 1st continued......

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Green Sandpiper                                                                Greenshank                                           Avocet chick                                       Ruff

Greenshank and Wood Sandpipers

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Filby Dragons and other insects......

A visit to Filby (car park to Ormesby Little Broad) found a variety of Odonata (5th).  Above the car park; Brown, Migrant and a single Norfolk Hawker were seen, almost a ‘primordial sight’ with Southern Hawkers also seen, mainly along the path to the viewpoint?

A pair of Black-tailed Skimmers were in ‘wheel’ and both Ruddy and Common Darters were present, the former much more abundant.  However, Damselflies were ‘few and far between’ but included Blue-tailed Common Blue, Emerald and Willow Emerald.

Butterflies recorded were: Speckled Wood, which were the most ‘numerous’, Peacock, Red Admiral, Comma, Holly Blue and Small White and several Dingy Footman were also seen, mainly on the Alder leaves.  

Several Longhorn Beetles Rutpela maculata a possible Wood-carving Leafcutter Bee and a Froglet were also seen.

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Continued on:

Male Common Blue Damselfly

Willow Emerald (male)                                                     Mating Black-tailed Skimmers             Speckled Wood                                  Poss' Wood-carving Leafcutter Bee

Migrant Hawker-female &  male                                                                                    Male Ruddy Darter