2nd June (2)
2nd June (3)
2nd June (1)

Red Mason Bee

Lesser Emperor fly-past.....

With a Lesser Emperor seen the previous day by Ken Saul, a visit to look for this dragonfly ensued today (3rd).
Walking along the path to Ormesby Little Broad, from the car park at Filby, at least 11 Norfolk Hawkers were recorded, along with a good variety of damselflies: Azure, Variable, Common Blue, Blue-tailed, Red-eyed and Large Red.
With the conditions far from ideal for dragonflies at the edge of the broad, another look along the path followed.
Hoverflies found here included Episyrphus bacteatus, Myathropa florae, Volucella pellucens, Cheilosia illustrata, Chrysogaster solstitalis and Xlota sylvarum and a Sawfly Eriocampa ovata.
Back at the edge of the broad the area had warmed-up and despite a fairly fresh breeze, a couple of Norfolk Hawkers were on the wing.
A Hobby, Common Buzzard and a Kingfisher were of note, whilst hopefully waiting for an appearance from the lesser emperor.
Eventually, a fly-past from the Lesser Emperor, which was seen again later, when it attempted to perch on a reed stem at the edge of the water, but the stiff breeze thwarted more than a very brief stop and the dragonfly continued on its flight and inevitably out of sight.
After Norfolk Hawkers had been patrolling over the near reeds, these appeared to be ‘replaced’ by Four-spotted Chasers, as the direction of the sun changed. 2 Hairy Dragonflies and an immature Black-tailed Skimmer were also seen as were a female Andrena nitida, Dock Bug and the striking Nemophora degeerella and another micro moth Pammene aurana (Thanks to Ken Saul for ID).

3rd June (7)
3rd June (3)

Norfolk Hawker

3rd June (8)
3rd June (5)

Blue-tailed Damselfly

3rd June (13)
3rd June (28)
3rd June (27)

Episyrphus bacteatus Volucella pellucens Cheilosia illustrata

3rd June (24)
3rd June (25)
3rd June (16)

Myathropa florea Chrysogaster solstitalis

3rd June (23)
3rd June (20)
3rd June (21)

Xlota sylvarum Pammene aurana

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