Photo Diary 3

November 14th

Birds, Mammals and a Somerton Sunset......


A worker Bombus terrestris Buff-tailed Bumblebee was of note (14th) visiting Heather flowers in the neighbour’s garden at Martham.

A look along the stretch of the A149 between Somerton and Waxham, found around 1000 Pink-footed Geese in the area.

A Common Buzzard was perched on a telegraph pole at Horsey and 2 Stonechat were along the reed-fringed dyke, west of the ‘lay-by’.  

A male and a female Marsh Harrier were flying around and interacting near the base of the dunes at Waxham, where they inadvertently prevented a skein of Pink-feet from their intentions of landing on the fields.  A male and female Roe Deer were also seen nearby, between Horsey and Waxham in a field, the female lying on the ground, whilst the male stood nearby, before lying down too.

A look for owls at Somerton did not find any owls but several Marsh Harriers were hunting over the reedbeds, a Kestrel continued to hunt after the sun went down, 4 Chinese Water Deer were together on the fields and Somerton Mill with a backdrop of red skies made a very picturesque Broadland landscape.

Somerton sunset scenic 14th Nov (1) 14th Nov (3) 14th Nov (2) 14th Nov (4) 14th Nov (5) 14th Nov (6)

Roe Deer

Marsh Harrier                                                                                                          Pink-footed Geese

14th Nov (8) 14th Nov (7) 14th Nov (12) 14th Nov (9)

Kestrel                                                                                                                                                              Somerton Mill