Photo Diary 3

May 5th - 9th

Dragons and other insect 'goodies' at Filby......


A visit to Filby (5th), encompassing both Ormesby Little Broad and Filby Broad found a good variety of insects; at least when it warmed up!

The first Dragonflies of the year were ironically Large Red Damselflies (usually the first Odonata to appear) and Variable and Blue-tailed Damselflies.  At least 3 Hairy Dragonflies were seen, as was a teneral Four-spotted Chaser.

A Large Red Damselfly was found with prey, which happened to be a Green Long-horn Adela reaumurella, other moths of this species were seen later, but this time alive!

Holly Blue, Green-veined White, Orange-tip and a pristine Speckled Wood represented the butterfly fauna and both Tree and Carder Bumblebees were seen.

Dock Bug and Alderfly were also of note, whilst Mining (Andrena) and Nomada Bees await identification.

A Garden Warbler, Blackcap and Chiffchaff were singing as was a Marsh Tit.  Several Great Crested Grebes, Common Terns, Common Buzzard and a Sparrowhawk were the avian highlights from the Broads, whilst Swifts and House Martins were overhead and low over the water were Swallows hunting for prey.

large red hairy dragon 5th may mix

Large Red Damselfly with aptly named Green Long-horn moth

Hairy Dragonfly

Green Long-horn                                                      Dock Bug                                      Alderfly                                                                     Green-veined White

North Norfolk; Dotterels and more besides......


Another day out with Jason Nichols, along the Norfolk coast (9th) began at Muckleborough Hill where a Wood Warbler was heard singing and subsequently seen.  However, the same was not the case for the Great Spotted Cuckoo at Weybourne Camp!  Nevertheless Sylvia warblers were in good voice with Garden Warbler, Blackcap, Lesser and Common Whitethroat all heard singing, whilst a charm of 30+ Linnets flew around 10+ Swifts moved west.

The pond at Walsey Hills had 3 drake and 2 duck Pochard present and the ‘anxious’ calls of one of the ducks was explained by the presence of two Pochard ducklings.  A pair of Gadwall was also present.

Further along the coast, Wheatear, 2 Whimbrel, 2 summer-plumaged Golden Plover were present on the Eye Field at Cley, whilst Swifts and Swallows passed through.

The now quite ‘popular’ flooded areas east of Wells held 4 Wood Sandpipers and a Greenshank, whilst several hundred Hirundines flew low over the water.  A Spoonbill was also present, as was a Wheatear and a return visit later found a Whinchat here too.

At Choosley, the reported Dotterel were finally located along Chalk Pit Lane.  5 were here alongside 2 summer-plumaged Golden Plovers.  Lesser and Common Whitethroat were recorded, as were 3 Common Buzzards and several Brown Hares.  A Red Kite was seen at Holkham on the return journey.

9th May (17) 9th May (16)

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Duck Pochard with 2 ducklings                                                                             Wheatear