Photo Diary 3

September 26th - 28th

Burgh Castle Knot Grass larva & Brown Argus still on the wing......


A look around the interesting habitats surrounding and including the horse paddocks at Burgh Castle (Threeways) (26th) is always interesting and today’s visit was no exception.

A male Common Blue was still on the wing, as were two Brown Argus (not surprisingly all butterflies were showing a bit of wear) and a Large White and Red Admiral also and a Knot Grass larva was found on a thistle as was a queen Bombus hypnorum Tree Bumblebee.

Orthoptera were very scarce and maybe it’s now getting late in their occurrence period, but a male Dark Bush Cricket, extra long winged female form of Long-winged Conehead and two Field Grasshoppers were found after some thorough coverage of the vegetation!

Several Dock Bugs were found, a Hornet flew past the brambles, an immature Green Shieldbug and several Common Darters were also of note.

A good number of Shaggy Ink Caps were in one of the paddocks where no horses were at present and a single Flax plant was found.

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Common Blue                                               Tree Bumblebee                                             Dock Bug

Knot Grass larva                        Dark Bush Cricket (male)           Flax                                              Field Digger Wasp

Shaggy Ink-cap                                                                            Knot Grass larva

The master spear fisherman at Brancaster Staithe......


Despite the overcast conditions with showers, a drive along the North Norfolk coast with Jason Nichols (28th) was made in search of, well anything really!

The first ‘items’ of note were a flock of approximately 200 Golden Plover, near Acle, underlining the time of year.

Usual stops at Salthouse and Cley Beach Road found nothing exceptional, but a charm of at least 200 Linnets were near a farm near Stiffkey, whilst trying to find a field of cattle, with which a Cattle Egret had been seen occasionally.  Despite finding what were (most probably) the ‘right’ cows, there was no egret so on to Brancaster Staithe.

Not too much at the staithe either, but a Little Egret fishing (fairly successfully) in one of the channels provided some predator-prey photography.

A stop at Cley on the way back found a good selection of birds from the middle hides, which included 14 Little Stints (35+ reported from the North Hide same day), 2 Curlew Sandpipers, Dunlin and Ringed Plovers, whilst Black-tailed Godwits and Ruff were the other waders of note.

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