Photo Diary 2

September 22nd - 24th

A 'furry' Eristalis hoverfly and a Filby Med' Gull......


A Mediterranean Gull was seen over Ormesby Little Broad (22nd), not a bird you normally see here but there has been quite a few on the Trinity Broads recently.

A Water Rail, Great Spotted Woodpecker, Common Buzzard and a Tawny Owl were all heard from the viewpoint and Great Crested Grebes and Coots were the usual residents on the broad.

Several Speckled Wood were seen along the path and a Comma was also seen and hoverflies included Syrphus ribesii and a male Eristalis intricarius (a bumblebee mimic) hovering over its air-space territory.

A Hornet was ‘buzzing’ groups of Cluster Flies assembled on the bramble leaves, with the intent of an easy meal and two species of Ichneumons were seen but go unidentified.

The ‘middle section’ of a Grass Snake was seen whilst photographing the hoverflies, as it made its way through the dense vegetation and a Common Frog was also seen.

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Hornet -                                                          potential prey Cluster Flies                           Nursery Web Spider

Speckled Wood                                            Comma                                                            Common Darter

Eristalis intracarius

Ichneumon species                                                                              Syrphus ribesi

Ivy Bees nesting colony & other Hymenoptera......


The nesting colony of Colletes hederae, were still present along the approach road to Marina Park, Burgh Castle (24th), but there appeared to be fewer bees than the previous visit.

Also nesting here was a Red-banded Sand Wasp and what appears to be Tachysphex Wasp species T. pompliformis running over the earth and digging furiously.  This species stocks its chambers with mainly grasshoppers, but no prey item was seen on this occasion.

A ‘latish’ Wall was good to see here as was a Red Admiral.

24th Sept (1) 24th Sept (3) 24th Sept (8) 24th Sept (5) 24th Sept (2)

Male Ivy Bees                                                Red-banded Sand Wasp                                 T. pompliformis

Male Ivy Bee