Photo Diary 2

July 18th

Dull day, but not the Wildlife, especially a Beetle......


A somewhat overcast day (18th) with light drizzle, increasing to more heavy showers in the early afternoon, did nothing for our planned ‘insect foray’.  However, some Natural History of note was found, with a new species found later!

Two Pochard ducklings remained on the pond at Walsey Hills and this was followed by a look over the sea at Cley Coastguards, where Sandwich and lesser numbers of Common Terns were diving into the sea to catch fish and 6 Grey Herons flew west over the sea.

At Wells, 6 Spoonbills were on the flooded areas, along with several Avocets, a Greenshank flying up with Lapwings, when disturbed by two joggers and a Whimbrel heard calling, somewhere overhead.

Despite the weather we decided to pay a visit to Holt Country Park, although the conditions did not look promising and very few insects were active.

We managed to see a couple of Ringlets before Jason drew my attention to what he thought was a Longhorn Beetle on a Stinging Nettle.  Indeed it was a longhorn beetle and one I had only seen in books before.  Photographs taken at the time later revealed the longhorn to be a Greater Thorn-tipped Longhorn Beetle Pogonocherus hispidulus.  This is very similar to the Lesser Thorn-tipped Longhorn Beetle Pogonocherus hispidus, but the mainly white scutellum, along with a few other features distinguished it from the lesser-thorn-tipped, which has a black scutellum.

A single Meadow Brown was seen near the pond, where we took shelter in the wooden ‘hut’ whilst the rain increased.  After the rain slowed down to a light drizzle, we walked back towards the car park, where at least 6 Ringlets and a Small White were on the wing, the Ringlets certainly not discouraged by a downpour!

Despite a look along another ride and finding a few more Ringlets, there was not too much else (not surprisingly in the conditions), so we decided to call it a day.  Good day though; a new species of Longhorn Beetle, which are some of my favourite beetles.

web 18th July 1 web 18th July 2

4 of the 6 Grey Herons over the sea at Cley

Sandwich Tern hunting and with Sand Eel sp.

Lesser Thorn-tipped Longhorn Beetle                           Self-heal                                                                             Ringlet