Photo Diary 11

August 17th - 23rd

New Odonata for the garden......


A female Migrant Hawker was perched on a plant in the garden at Martham (17th), a new addition to the garden Odonata.


A 'cute' Arachnid in the bathroom ?!


A Salticidae species was found on the bathroom window at Martham (21st).  At this moment in time an exact species identity has not been reached.  However, the ‘Jumping Spiders’ are a very intriguing and quite enduring family, maybe even for those people who regard Arachnids as the recipe of nightmares!

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Cranes brighten a dull day......


On a day (23rd) when the weather conditions were not exactly ideal for seeing wildife, a drive around the local area with Jason Nichols ensued nevertheless!

Black Tern had been reported recently at Rollesby Broad, but not this morning.  However, two Sparrowhawks were flying around over the far reedbeds and continued to do so throughout our visit.  A Common Buzzard flew over and several Common Terns were of note.

With nothing of note at Buckenham, where the RSPB were carrying out some work with a tractor (the nature of which is unclear) a visit to Horsey was more productive with a pair of Cranes flying over and landing in a stubble field where they were joined a few minutes later by another pair.  A Chinese Water Deer was also here as were 2 Kestrels, but not too much else was on view.

On to Walcott where a Great Crested Grebe was on the sea and 12 Gannets circled over the sea together, gradually moving south.  Several Sandwich Terns passed by in both directions; south and north and at least 14 Turnstone were seen, including one still in most of its summer finery.

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Common Cranes

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