Photo Diary 11

June 28th

Holt CP: succession threatens the Lowes......


A visit to Holt Country Park with Jason Nichols (28th) found insects at a premium to begin with, due to the cloudy and cool conditions.  However, as the day progressed a variety of ‘mini-beasts’ were found.

With the exception of approximately 30 Ringlet, 30 Meadow Brown and as the temperature increased 10 Speckled Wood, butterflies were in small numbers.  3 Comma, a Red Admiral, 2 White Admiral and 3 Silver-washed Fritillaries were also seen, along with several Silver Y moths.

Immature stages of both Dark and Speckled Bush Crickets were found in the vegetation and several Rutpela maculata Longhorn Beetles were found.

Cheilosia illustrata, Episyrphus balteatus and Great Pied Volucella pellucens were the pick of the Hoverflies present and a resplendent male White-tailed Bumblebee was also paying attention to the Bramble flowers, where a Ruddy Darter was also found.

A Marsh Snipefly Rhagio tringarius and a Cucumber Green Orb Spider Araniella cucurbitina/opisthographa was seen and 3 Four Spotted Chasers, a male Emperor Dragonfly, Large Red and Azure Damselflies were seen on and around the large pond before an exploration of Holt Lowes found several male and female Keeled Skimmers.

However, the succession across the acid bog is advancing at a very fast rate and this year it was very difficult to recognise some of the areas looked at in previous years.  The pond here is also shrinking very fast and if no management is carried out, the occurrence here of acid bog-related species may not be present for very much longer.

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Succession on the Lowes

Male & female Keeled Skimmer

Four-banded Longhorn Beetle                                            Male Bombus lucorum

Volucella pellucens                                                           Cheilosia illustrata                                                             Episyrphus balteatus

Dark Bush Cricket                                                            Speckled Bush Cricket                                                        Silver Y

Marsh Snipefly

Meadow Brown                                                                             Ringlet