Photo Diary 11

April 5th - 14th

April 5th continued.......

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Buff-tailed Bumblebee plus tick passengers                                                          Red-tailed Bumblebee

Buffish Mining Bee                                                           Yellow-legged Mining Bee

Redpolls & Little Ringed Plovers on a misty day......


A very misty damp cold day was not a very enticing environment to leave home for, but Jason Nichols and I did exactly that and drove to Felthorpe (12th) to ‘see’ if we could see any of the Coue’s Arctic Redpolls reported from there recently.

After finding what looked like the right place; an area with seeding plants at the entrance to some fields it was a matter of waiting, whilst trying to make out the crows near the muck heap in the mist, a Pied Wagtail and a Common Snipe.

Eventually, the appearance of some finches gave some hope, but what were undoubtedly Redpolls flew into a patch of tall plants and promptly disappeared.  Ten Linnets were also seen as were two Goldfinch and several Skylarks, before a bird was heard singing on the telegraph wires, which was a very ‘pale’ redpoll, but the song didn’t sound like the song of Lesser Redpoll.  After consulting some ‘tracks’ on Jason’s phone along with the ID features seen, confirmed it as a Coue’s Arctic Redpoll.

Flight shots of the redpolls were examined later and certainly seemed to show traits of Coue’s but how many were present is difficult to determine, although three had been said to have been there.

At a site on the outskirts of Norwich, where Little Ringed Plovers had previously bred successfully found four present along with a Dunlin.  As long as they are not disturbed by the likes of the ringing and ‘wildlife photography’ fraternities they should (allowing for natural influences) do well again in 2018.

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Coue's Arctic Redpoll

Little Ringed Plover

 Back door-step bird-watching......


Attention was drawn to the skies above Martham today (14th), when a Mediterranean Gull was heard calling.  Three gull species were subsequently seen flying over but the only silhouettes were discernible.

Later a flock of approximately 40 Redwing were seen flying around the close.  They did this twice before continuing eastwards, probably an ‘out-bound’ flight!

Male Anthophora plumipes continued to visit the Aubrietia flowers in the garden and later in the afternoon when the sun appeared a spot of photography from the back door ensued, with some of the species of birds we sometimes take for granted, but what stunning, aesthetically pleasing animals they are!


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Collared Dove in full song                                                             Sublime Starlings