Photo Diary 10

February 27th

Birds in the mist, but clearly Cranes......


A local foray in the Thurne/Ashby area in the early morning mist (27th) at 07.00 found a Common Buzzard perched on top of a hedgerow, although the Rooks, Jackdaws and Wood Pigeons were not overly keen on the buzzard’s presence!

Through the mist, Red-legged Partridges, Pheasants and the heads of Cranes began to appear and a further scan of the area found more cranes, foraging for food.  Even the relative flatness of the landscape could still hide these approximately 5ft high birds, as they looked for food.  Several counts were made over time and a maximum of 19 cranes were seen.

The boom of bird scarers here made all the avian species nervous and caused the cranes to relocate at times, although this relocating was also due to feeding area preference and social-gathering.  At one point, 2 cranes (most probably a pair) flew towards where the car was parked and landed a relatively short distance away in the adjacent field, which allowed close scrutiny of the birds and their behaviour and indeed good photographic opportunities, now the mist had cleared.

Eventually the cranes wandered off across the field and I too returned home after another fantastic session of Grus grus study, my second favourite avian species and so good to see them without coloured plastic and metal ‘bangles’ on their legs, which are a disadvantage to them as they are for species: ‘Leave our Cranes alone’!

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Common Crane-magnifico!

Birds in the Mist:  Common Buzzard, Cranes & Pheasant