Photo Diary 10

August 25th - 31st

August 25th continued.....

25th Aug (11) 25th Aug (10) 25th Aug (16) 25th Aug (14) 25th Aug (17) 25th Aug (20)

Bronze Shieldbug                                                                                                        Tachina fera

Common Sexton Beetle                                                             Brimstone

Hummingbird Hawk back in the garden.....


A Hummingbird Hawkmoth was once again visiting the Buddleia in the garden at Burgh Castle (27th) and Painted Lady, Red Admiral, Small Tortoiseshell, a late Meadow Brown, Large White and Small White were seen, but in low numbers.

27th Aug (1) 27th Aug (3) 27th Aug (5)

Hummingbird Hawkmoth                                                                                                                                   Painted Lady

American visitor at Buckenham.....


A Pectoral Sandpiper had been at Buckenham Marshes for several days and it was seen there today (29th) on the large pool, nearest the hide.  Two more, of this visitor from America are also in the area, with one at Cantley Sugar beet Factory and one at Potter Heigham Marshes.

A Green Sandpiper was heard here and at least 4 Black-tailed Godwit, 7 Ruff, 21+ Common Snipe and 4 Avocet made up the wader contingent.  A Hobby was over the fields and a duck Tufted Duck with three ducklings was nice to see, swimming and diving together along one of the dykes and at least 3 Chinese Water Deer were seen.

29th Aug (2) 29th Aug (1)

                                 Tufted Duck                                                                                                  Chinese Water Deer

The 'Gathering'.....


Into the Brecks (31st) with Jason Nichols and on the trail of Stone Curlews, reported to be gathering at or near some pig fields.

Where exactly the ‘gathering’ was happening was not clear, but piecing together location-indications from photos taken etc a minor road off the Munford to Swaffham road was clearly the place.

Stone Curlews were on both sides of the road (88 counted by someone else present), on a wheat field and on the pig fields, but with the hazy conditions, which always seem to be associated with Stone Curlews, viewing and more so photographing was not easy.

However, good to see so many of these birds in one place and with 6 Common Buzzards and a Red Kite overhead, a worthwhile visit.

A walk along the Little Ouse at Santon Downham found a couple of insects yet to be identified and a Honey Bee nest.  It was fairly wildlife-quiet here, but the almost memorising slow flowing river made for a pleasant end to the day.

31st Aug (1) 31st Aug (2) 31st Aug (5) 31st Aug (8) 31st Aug (7)

Little Ouse                                                                                                                                                         Honey Bees

Stone Curlew

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