Photo Diary 10

June 20th

Interesting Insects at Holt and a 'Feeding Frenzy' at Brancaster......


A day out along the Norfolk coast (20th) with Jason Nichols began at Holt Country Park.

Although a little too early for White Admiral and Silver-washed Fritillary there were a few Meadow Brown, Speckled Wood and a couple of Red Admiral.

Volucella bombylans (plus a pair mating) and V. Pellucens were regularly seen and other Hoverflies included Merodon equestris Large Narcissus Fly Epistrophe grossulariae,Two-girdled Digger Wasp Argogorytes mystaceus and Tachinid Fly Tachina fera were also of note.

Both Azure and Common Blue Damselflies were seen and a Four-spotted Chaser was over the pond.

The ‘Giant’ Cranefly Tipula maxima, a 7-spot Ladybird that couldn’t decide whether to take-off or not (but may have been stretching its wings), the iridescent Common Malachite Beetle, Hairy Shieldbug Dolycoris baccarum, Tree Bumblebee, Sawfly Tenthredo mesomela and a new species of Longhorn Beetle Black-striped Longhorn Beetle Stenurella melanura made for a very interesting visit.

At Burnham Overy Staithe Cattle Egrets had been reported recently.  No Cattle Egrets but House Martins collecting mud provided a photographic opportunity.

Our usual stop at Brancaster Staithe found a ‘feeding frenzy’ going on as Black-headed Gulls (predominantly), 2 Sandwich and at least 4 Common Terns and 2 Little Egrets were successfully catching small fish which had been corralled into the shallows as the tide receded.  This was witnessed last year, when there were also Arctic Terns present.

A stop at the ‘gate’ at Holkham found Common Buzzard, Marsh Harrier, several Spoonbills in the distant trees and a Great White Egret flew over the Freshmarsh.

A visit to the ‘middle hides’ at Cley found 60+ Knot present along with Black-tailed Godwits and Avocets and the reported Green-winged Teal was also found with three other Teal.

A Little Egret came close to feed on presumably a Stickleback species and a Hobby flew over the scrapes, whilst Sand and House Martins and Swifts were overhead and in the case of two of the Sand Martins, perched on the barbed wire.

Two Common Lizards were found on the walk back as was a Drinker Moth larva.

A brief stop at the pond at Walsey Hills found a single Pochard duckling, with 3 duck Pochard present, a Mallard with 3 ducklings and a Little Grebe.

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Hairy Shieldbug                                                                                                           Epistrophe grossulariae

Volucella pellucens  Vollucella bombylans                                                                                                                      Two-girdled Digger Wasp

Tachina fera                                                                     7-spot Ladybird                                                                   Common Blue Damselfly

Pisaura mirablis                                                                   Red Admiral                                                                  

DSC_3935 20th June (48)

Sawfly Tenthredo mesomela

Black-striped Longhorn Beetle                     Meadow Brown                                            Tree Bumblebees; queen & worker                 Volucella bombylans mating