3rd Aug (11)
3rd Aug (1)

Spoonbill Greenshank & Little Egret

3rd Aug (4)
3rd Aug (2)

Philanthus triangulum present and past......

3rd Aug (8)
3rd Aug (6)
3rd Aug (9)

Philanthus triangulum Cerceris arenaria Dasypoda hirtypes

3rd Aug (3)
3rd Aug (10)
3rd Aug (7)

Cliff Mining Bee Heather Colletes Geological layering

Filby and a late Norfolk Hawker.....

A morning at Filby (4th) found four species of hawker dragonflies, with 20+ Migrant, several Brown and Southern and a single Norfolk still on the wing and still in very reasonable condition.
Both Common and Ruddy Darters were seen along the path to Ormesby Little Broad and a Black-tailed Skimmer was in the car park. Willow Emeralds and several Common Emerald Damselflies were encountered, as were Common Blue and Blue-tailed Damselflies.
A female Brimstone nectaring in a bindweed flower was the first seen for a while and Peacock, Red Admiral, Holly Blue, Speckled Wood and Large White were also seen, as were several Dingy Footman.
A very striking Ichneumon with a very long ovipositor was seen and appears to possibly be a Lissonota lineolaris, according to the Natural History Museum’s new online beginner’s guide. The yellow line along the thorax was seen in the resulting photos but the deep groove at the back of the head could not be. A note for next time!
A Sawfly and a Mason Wasp still remain unidentified to species level but what appeared to be a male Barbut’s Cuckoo Bumblebee Bombus barbutellus was in fact a Large Garden Bumblebee Bombus ruderatus (pers com. Nick Owens). A mating-pair of Four-banded Longhorn Beetles and several Black-and-yellow Longhorns were also of note.
A Garden Warbler was still singing in the wood and 2 Common Terns and Great Crested Grebes were at Ormesby Little Broad.

4th Aug (13)

Four-banded Longhorn Beetles mating

4th Aug (14)
4th Aug (15)

Four-banded & Black and Yellow Longhorn Beetles

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