Wildlife Garden Diary 2019

May 2019 Page 2

hedgehog 2 6th May

Four House Martins were seen (7th), this time not on passage, with two of them investigating one of the two sites where they bred last year.  A Grey Heron and a Common Buzzard passed over also.


The uncovered Mallard nest revealed that 10 eggs (at least) had been laid (8th).


Lucy two –two the Mallard duck was briefly off her nest for some food, which I had put down, but then returned to the nest to brood (10th).


The first Swallow then Swift was seen overhead (11th).  An Oystercatcher flew over calling and a Willow Warbler was heard singing, immediately after a Blackbird had finished singing!

A male Orange-tip was seen passing through and a female Hairy-footed Flower Bee, Red Mason Bees and Carder Bumblebees; worker then queen on Wallflower were in the garden.

The Hedgehog was seen on two occasions at 22.28 and at 11.40.

First Dragon of the year and a new species of Leafcutter......


Both Holly Blue and a male Orange-tip were in the garden (12th), although the latter found no reason to settle!

The first Dragonfly of the year was somewhat predictably a Large Red Damselfly, but very welcome all the same.

Bees included female Hairy-footed Flower Bees, Yellow-legged Mining Bee, Early Bumblebee, Carder Bumblebee on the Wallflowers, Garden Bumblebee on Red Dead Nettle and a new species for the garden a male Meagachile leachella Silvery Leafcutter Bee, ironically settled on the ‘bee hotel’!

A 7-spot Ladybird larva was found and a Swift circled around the church and a male Marsh Harrier flew over, heading north.

12th mix Plumipes 2 2 (1) 2 (2)

7-spot L;adybird larvae                         Holly Blue                                                       Eupeodes luniger                                            Carder Bumblebee

Female Hairy-footed Flower Bee

Female Hairy-footed Flower Bee                                                                                     Male Silvery Leafcutter Bee