Garden Butterflies

                  26 Species

Gardens are a very important habitat for a wide variety of animals that were once woodland-edge species.  Many of these species have taken advantage of areas we refer to as gardens.  Therefore, in this time of species-mass-decline worldwide, it is very important what we do with our ‘outdoor living space’, in order to give wildlife some sort of home.

Butterflies are a case in point and whilst the plants you grow maybe, in the first instance to attract butterflies, they also have benefits for many other insects too.

So, this article is to demonstrate the biodiversity of butterflies that can be attracted to your garden, if you garden with wildlife in mind.

I have recorded wildlife in three of the gardens I have designed and planted in Norfolk and in terms of butterflies, I have recorded a total of 25 species; 23 at Forncett St. Peter, 22 at Burgh Castle and currently 16 (2 species outside the garden) at Martham.  This is not about my own success, you can do this too.  I hope you will feel inspired.

Which Butterflies you can attract will depend to a certain extent on your location, what you plant and to a certain degree the size of your garden, particularly to enable all the requirements a certain species requires to be present, especially with respect to breeding.  However, my present garden is not very big (see Wildlife Garden Diary Introduction), so do not be put off if you have not got something resembling the size of a football pitch!



Gardening for Wildlife in Norfolk

DSC_5972 DSC_4500 IMGP4792

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Orange-tip                                                                           Small Copper                                                                      Common Blue

DSC_6871 DSC_0201

Small Skipper                                                                    Essex Skipper                                                                     Large Skipper

DSC_4007 DSC_9116 IMGP2133

Swallowtail                                                                        Clouded Yellow                                                                 Brimstone

DSC_1098 DSC_8426 DSC_8621

Small White                                                                       Large White                                                                         Green-veined White              

IMGP5689 DSC_7566

Orange-tip                                                                         Small Copper                                                                      Common Blue

IMGP0680 DSC_0570 DSC_2399 DSC_0322 DSC_8682

Holly Blue                                                                          Red Admiral                                                                       Painted Lady

Small Tortoiseshell                                                          Yellow-legged Tortoiseshell                                                Peacock