Wildlife Garden Diary 2019

August 2019


A ‘small’ Hedgehog was in the garden at 00.30 (1st) and again at 00.52 when there was a larger individual also present.  The smaller Hedgehog ‘froze’ when the other larger animal was present and eventually went off along the path to south part of the garden.  After feeding, the larger individual went to drink from the large dish in the north of the garden before being lost from sight.

A Goldfinch was in the garden feeding, once again on Cornflower seed-heads (2nd).


As witnessed whilst ‘out in the field’ along the Norfolk coast on the 1st, Painted Ladies were seen constantly in and around the garden (3rd).  Also present were Large and Small Whites, and a Red Admiral.

A Common Darter was in the garden and a fully grown (probably the third individual using the garden) Hedgehog was seen at 02.30, 22.47 and at 22.56. An orange-form Black Slug Arion ater was also in the garden, feeding on Hedgehog biscuits at the same time the hedgehog came back for food.  However, the approximately 4 inch mollusc was ignored by the hog, preferring to consume peanuts.




Painted Lady, Gatekeeper, Peacock, Holly Blue and both Large and Small Whites were in the garden (4th) and 150+ Starlings were on the grass at the front of the property.


A Small Tortoiseshell was a n extra species of butterfly seen in the garden today (5th) and what would appear to be the last Swift sighting for this year was seen in the skies along with several House Martins.


A Hedgehog appeared (6th) to feast on its food of choice at this moment in time; peanuts at 23.46 and was seen again (7th) at 02.22.


A Hedgehog was once again in the garden (8th) at 23.32 and at 23.57.

A new species of Hoverfly was in the garden (9th) feeding on Oregano flowers (very popular with many insects); a Volucella zonaria aka Hornet Hoverfly, the UK’s largest species of hoverfly.

The Hedgehog visited the garden at 00.06.


The Hedgehog continued to consume peanuts in the garden (10th) with a visit at 23.01 and again (11th) at 00.16 and at 22.13.


Volucella zonaria

A new species of butterfly was in the garden today (12th), a Grayling on the Oregano flowers!  Although this species was a slight possibility in the garden, with a population at Winterton Dunes, it was totally unexpected and very welcome!  The Grayling takes the total of butterflies recorded in the three gardens (see Garden Butterflies) I have designed and planted in Norfolk to 26 species.

Unfortunately, I was unable to obtain a photograph (even through the glass of the window) of the Grayling, as on getting the camera and returning to the kitchen window, pointing the camera at it, it promptly flew off and was not seen again during the day.

A total of 8 species of butterfly were recorded including the Grayling, the others being: Female Brimstone, Small White, Small Tortoiseshell, Peacock, Red Admiral, Painted Lady and Gatekeeper.

2 Common Darters flew over the garden.

Garden Butterfly tally increases!

A Migrant Hawker was in the garden (14th) and saw the return to the garden from a duck Mallard aka Lucy 2-2.


The Hedgehog was seen at 21.18 (15th).


Both Mallard ducks (Lucy 2-2 and Lucy 2) visited the garden for food (17th) with the original hierarchy of Lucy 2 being dominant (during 2018) over Lucy 2-2 now reversed.  A male Migrant Hawker was also in the garden perching briefly on one of the Clematis.


Painted Ladies were regularly seen throughout the day (18th) with at least 2 in the garden and at least another 4 outside.  Small White, Small Tortoiseshell and Red Admiral also frequented the garden, mainly visiting the Oregano flowers.

Both a Migrant Hawker and a Common Darter were also present.


Two Swifts still remained in the skies above Martham (18th) along with 6+ House Martins.

A Wood-carving Leafcutter Bee was still taking cut leaves to the Bee Hotel (24th).

There was a visit to the garden by Lucy 2-2 the duck Mallard with another duck, previously not seen and an adult Mediterranean Gull was overhead along with several House Martins.


A Patchwork Leafcutter Bee was collecting pollen from a Cosmos flower (25th) and a queen Red-tailed Bumblebee was notable.  A Common Darter was in the garden, with Migrant Hawkers in the general area.

Butterflies seen during the past three days visiting the garden were: Small and Large White, Small Tortoiseshell, Red Admiral, Painted Lady and Holly Blue

The donated French Marigolds in the garden (a rather tall variety) proved their worth today (26th) when they were the flowers of choice for A Wall.

26th Aug